Landlord offers ‘rent for sex twice a week’ in horrific apartment listing online

A landlord offered his apartment to a woman in exchange for sex twice a week in a horrific apartment listing online.

The listing appeared in a classified advertisement site run by a foreign registered company stated that the flat, in Cork, Ireland, would be offered rent free if a female ‘shared her body twice a week’.

The site posts the usual mix of ads including posts referring to cars, fashion items and job listings.

The advertisement simply read : “Looking for a female tenant who’s into sharing their body twice a week for payment.”

The advertisement was spotted by a journalist at The Echo newspaper in Cork who contacted the person she believed to be the landlord who said the property had central heating and its own bathroom but she would have to share a kitchen in the main part of the house.

He told the journalist that he expected “nothing other than satisfaction twice a week,’ adding that nobody has much money these days and that it is a ‘good idea, if everyone is an adult. Nothing forced and only mutual.”

It is understood that the flat is no longer on the market because a third party has entered in to an arrangement with the landlord, reports the Irish Mirror.

Cork Solidarity People Before Profit TD Mick Barry said that the ad shows just how vulnerable people can be when they look for accommodation.

He said, “The key point about the Cork ‘sex for rent’ scandal is the shocking power imbalance now between landlords and tenants.

“Real rent controls and anti eviction legislation is urgently needed now.”



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