Knocks greet bill seeking to create database for cows

In the wake of a bill seeking to create a database for cows in the country has sparked reactions online.

Checkout Magazine learnt that the bill for an act to provide for National Livestock Bureau scaled second reading at Tuesday’s plenary session.

According to the proposed law sponsored by Senator Muhammad Enagi (Niger South), the agency will be in charge of identification, traceability and registration of livestock such as cows and goats to among other things curb cattle rustling.

Enagi said in addition to checking cattle rustling, the bill will help address the diseases and other threats to human lives caused by the movement of livestock.

The Senator said livestock identification by the agency will include ownership and other details including their origin, birthplace, sex and breed.

Responding to the proposal, Nigerians on social media have berated the Senate for considering such a bill, describing it as irrelevant.

Social commentator Adetutu Balogun said: “A country yet to complete a National Database for people is proposing a National Database for Cows. Thank you you United Kingdom for my citizenship.”

Co-founder and Chief Operations Officer PiggyVest Odunayo Eweniyi tweeted:”Not a single unified database for the people, but sureeeee let’s do it for the cows.”

Other comments noted online registered displeasure with the bill.

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