Ile Arugbo: Saraki demands out-of-court settlement

The family of the late Senator Olusola Saraki has approached the Kwara State Government for an amicable resolution of the dispute stemming from the demolition of their patriarch’s Ile Arugbo in Ilorin.

The Kwara State Government had on January 2 demolished Ile Arugbo, said to have been built by the late Saraki on a land portion said to be originally meant for the building of the Kwara State Government Secretariat.

The government said it could not find any record to show that the land belonged to Asa Investment Limited, the firm claimed to have been used by the late Saraki to acquire the property.

Displeased with the government’s action, the Saraki’s family, through Asa Investment Limited, had dragged the state to court.

However, the family, through the firm, has now approached the state government for an out-of-court settlement of the case.

Counsel for Asa Investment Limited, through whom the suit was filed, A.A. Ibraheem & Co, wrote a January 20, 2020 letter to the Kwara State Attorney General, Salman Jawondo, to disclose its client’s willingness for an amicable resolution of the case.

In the letter, a copy of which was sighted by PUNCH correspondent, the law firm said its client’s decision followed the advice by the judge hearing the lawsuit.



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