I won’t chase streets traders off the steer without alternative – Makinde

…. Says he understands how they feel, as he once sold street bread

Oyo state Governor, Seyi Makinde has said his decision not to chase street traders off the streets without making alternative arrangements stemmed from his experience as a boy street trader at Yemetu, an Ibadan neighbourhood.

He gave this explanation while he spoke at the Oja’ba Central Mosque, Ibadan during a special prayer to commemorate his 52nd birthday.

His words,“Somebody said that I was quoted as saying that I would not chase away street traders without providing them with alternatives. Yes, that is true because I know the mentality of street trading. I once sold bread by the roadside in Yemetu.

“I said so because we cannot send them away until we provide an alternative for them. And we have started enforcing that. We did that at Ojoo where we asked people not to trade at the point where we want to situate our modern terminus.”

Pledging his commitment to the educational and economic restoration of the state, he reiterated that he would not banish street trading without providing the people with alternatives.

Makinde also told the crowd of worshippers that he had paid a midnight visit to the spot to ascertain if an alternative arrangement had been put in place for the street traders.

He assured the people of Oyo that his government would be open to corrections, he said, “We don’t know it all. If people tell us what we need to do, we will act. I am not proud to the extent that I can’t reverse myself; I know that pride comes before a fall.

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