I stopped kissing, hugging in Nigerian films because…Ali Nuhu

Kannywood actor, Ali Nuhu has attributed his decision to stop kissing and hugging in films to his Islam faith, which forbids such acts.

Mr Nuhu who made his reasons known during an interview with BBC Hausa on Thursday, has acted in many movies in Nollywood and was the first Kannywood actor to have made an impact in Nollywood movies.

He said,“I come from the North, and I’m a Muslim. My culture and religion does not allow for that, so I stopped acting in scenes like that. People talk about it all over but I personally think it out as an ambassador of my culture and religion. and stopped.”

The 46-year-old Kano-born actor celebrated his 20 years in the entertainment industry in 2019.

He wrote, “It hasn’t been easy in the last 20 years, but thanks to Allah, it has been possible. I appreciate all my friends, colleagues and family who have been there for me all through. To everyone who celebrates me, you mean a lot to me and may Allah grant me a way to pay back,”

He is a recipient of many awards and honours within and outside Nigeria, including the AMVCA awards, NEA, City People award, Northern Nigeria Peace Awards, MOPPAN and African Films Awards in London among others.

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