Human Interest: “Poles have been angels to me”, says stranded Iranian after poles raise money to buy new lorry for him

An Iranian lorry driver Fardin Kazemi, has described Polish people as angels, having been a beneficiary of their generosity.

Fardin Kazemi had been delivering raisins when his lorry broke down in central Poland, a Polish crowd-funding initiative has raised nearly 250,000 zlotys (£50,000) to buy a new lorry for an Iranian driver, who was stranded when his vehicle broke down.

Fardin Kazemi was delivering raisins to Poland, and was due to continue to the Czech Republic to pick up goods for import to Iran.

He said, “The Polish people have been angels for me.”

Fardin Kazemi’s problems began on 3 December, when his 30-year-old lorry broke down in the central Polish town of Koziegłowy, north of Katowice.

Repairing the lorry turned out to be uneconomic

Polish lorry drivers launched an online appeal to raise money to repair the vehicle, as well as providing the Iranian with food and a place to sleep.

The initial target of 100,000 zlotys was reached within 24 hours and the total now stands at more than double that, with donations still coming in.

His story proves that the world has not run out of good people.

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