How UNIUYO 10-year certificate saga denied woman promotion

Rukayar Olayemi Ajao, an official of the Lagos State Local Government Service has made an appeal to University of Uyo, Akwa Ibom State to release her certificate nine years after she completed her programme.

Ajao was a former student of Political Science (Education) of Osun State College of Education degree programme affiliated with the University of Uyo.

She lamented how the institution’s failure to release her certificate has stunted her promotion at work.

Ajao, with matriculation number: 03/ED1/EF/183; said she enrolled for a degree programme in 2004, graduated in 2010 and served in Cross River State in 2012. However, nine years down the line, she is yet to be given her certificate, even though the school acknowledged that she fulfilled all requirements by giving her the temporary statement of result.

“I was issued a statement of result, with a pledge that our certificates would be ready in due course. I went back in 2014, they said it was not ready; thereafter, I didn’t go there for some time, since I had no job and had no means of moving around. Sometime in 2018, I was processing a job online and they asked for my certificate; I went over to Ila Orangun, but they again told me it was not ready. Since then I’ve been going there to request for my certificate but they’ve always told me, ‘It is not ready.

“At one time, they gave me an attestation letter in lieu, but the problem now is that the Lagos State Local Government Service, with which I currently work, has insisted that it’s either my certificate or nothing. Earlier this year, they summoned me to present my certificate, because it was not in my file. They warned me that I would not be eligible for promotion unless I presented it.”

“True to the warning of my employers, the promotion exam/exercise is ongoing (July 5) as I speak to you but I am not part of it,” Ajao said.



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