How suspect killed job seeker Iniubong Umoren with stabilizer

Uduak Akpan, the prime suspect in the murder of job-seeker Iniubong Umoren yesterday said he hit her in the head with a stabilizer after raping her.

And he said he was not afraid to die for his action if that was the only way justice would be served.

Akpan was paraded along with his father, Frank Akpan, in Uyo by the Akwa Ibom Police Commissioner Andrew Amiengheme, after rumours started to spread that the suspect had committed suicide in custody to shield other suspects.

Iniubong, 26, was laid to rest yesterday in her hometown of Nung Ita Ikot Essien, Oruk Anam Local Government Area of the state amid tears.

Akpan, who wore an orange tee shirt with the inscription ‘The Mudder Squad’ and appeared unperturbed, said it was true he invited Iniubong over for a fake job and then demanded to have sex with her.

His words: “What happened was that she came for the supposed job interview. I decided to use reverse psychology on her.

“I told her whether she can work in a farm where hard drugs are kept as a secretary. She said that she could; that she was ready to work.

“I told her this farm doesn’t exist; that is was just a hoax.

“I told her that before we could even start, I would like to have sex with her, and she agreed. But she gave a condition that I should use a condom, which I agreed.

“While I removed the condom, she became furious and picked the nearby stabilizer to hit me on my head. She bit my left ring finger.

“While I was bleeding, in a bid to stop her, I used the stabilizer also and hit her. And when I hit her, she fell down, and she died.”

He then proceeded to hit her in the belly.

He said Iniubong was not the first victim of his ‘reversed psychology’, but she was the only one that died.

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