High Profile British Restaurateur, Tory Elam arrested for alleged modern slavery

A former Government adviser and high profile restaurateur, Tory donor Enam Ali, 58, has been arrested by British Police for alleged ‘Modern day slavery’.

Ali who had rubbed shoulders with former British PMs, David Cameron, Theresa May, and new PM Boris Johnson was appointed to the Home Office advisory panel on the hospitality sector in 2008. He is said to have mistreated a Bangladesh ex-worker at Le Raj, in Epsom.

In a statement, Surrey Police said: ‘A person was arrested on July 12 on suspicion of modern slavery offences and released under investigation.’

A source disclosed to Journalists on Sunday that the former worker claims he had to work long hours without pay, lived in poor conditions above the restaurant, was denied holidays and was kept on after his five-year visa had expired.

The man, who is now staying with relatives in West London, is believed to have submitted an application to remain in the UK on humanitarian grounds.

A source has claimed that a former worker said they had to work long hours without pay and live in poor conditions above the restaurant. Pictured is Mr Ali centre
Last night, Mr Ali who organises the annual British Curry Awards told the MoS that the alleged victim worked at Le Raj as an assistant chef on full pay until May 2015. His employment was terminated as soon as his visa expired.

Mr Ali also said that his son Jeffery, 27, took over the ownership of the restaurant in 2014, although he remains close to it.

Mr Ali added: ‘In May 2015, I was informed by the Home Office that an employee no longer had permission to work in the UK.

‘As a result, I had to discontinue his employment. These awful, false allegations have only been made more than four years later, which is just one reason why this has come as such a shock.

‘The allegations are false, incredibly damaging and deeply upsetting. I don’t understand the motivation behind these false claims.’

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