Flight attendant averts ‘potential disaster’ after spotting ice on aircraft wings seconds before take-off

An impending tragic air trip was averted after a flight attendant pointed attention to ice on an aircraft’s wings moments before take-off.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) reported the plane was preparing to enter the runway when the attendant alerted pilots, forcing them to abandon the departure.

According to the attendant, they noticed “a significant layer of snow accumulating on the wings” as they closed the aircraft door after boarding.

They quickly alerted the captain after his preflight announcement to passengers made no mention despite this usually being the case.

“I found (this) strange but still I didn’t say anything because I was still sure that they were going to do it,” the attendant wrote.

“I was also thinking that, as experienced pilots, they must know what they are doing and it wasn’t my place to tell them how to do their job.”

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