Ed-ul-kabir: Saudi declares August 10th as Arafat day

The government of Saudi Arabia has declared Saturday, August 10th as Arafat Day, the height of Hajj rites when pilgrims all over the world will converge on the Plain of Arafat for supplications.

Amir- ul Hajj, Lagos State, Dr. AbdulHakeem AbdulLateef made this known at the Lagos State House in Makkah.

According to him, Ed-ul-Kabir will be on Sunday, 11th August, 2019, when Muslims all over the globe will sacrifice Ram in accordance to the Islamic rites.

He appealed to pilgrims to attend the prayers in accordance with the dates allotted to their local governments in order to control the crowd and create a better atmosphere for pilgrims during the lectures.

Abdul Lateef who emphasized that the major Hajj rites fall within five days of Dhul Hijjah encouraged pilgrims to endeavour to follow the instructions of the Saudi Authority as a way of supporting them check-mate avoidable disasters.

Meanwhile, intensive planning is ongoing at the Lagos House in Makkah to ensure a smooth and hitch free Haj exercise.



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