Woman’s hair falls out after applying hair conditioner

A WOMAN has been forced to shave her hair off after using a conditioner which she believes was mixed with hair removal cream in the shop.

Ashley Rose, 21, has been left traumatised after her hair fell out in large clumps when she used “tampered” Pantene Pro-V Sheer Volume in the shower on Sunday.

She decided to take control and shaved her hair off completely. She shared her pains on her Facebook saying, “It isn’t the easiest decision because what girl wants to lose all the hair ever in any circumstance,” she wrote.

“This is raw and has hit me like no other. My hair was finally the way I loved it to be and now it’s gone.”

Ashley revealed she has been suffering anxiety attacks ever since and does not want to go out in public —she no longer wants to leave the house and is scared to go to work after she decided to shave her head, exposing her “red and irritated” scalp.

In response to this, a spokesman for Walmart said the police contacted the store to investigate the matter. He said, “Right now, we’re looking into it and working with the police to gather surveillance footage to see what happened.

“Obviously, we take these allegations seriously, and we’ve also made the supplier aware of what’s going on, as well.”



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