Don’t forget the essence of Christmas, Tinubu charges Nigerians

National leader of the All Progressive Congress has urged all Nigerians of all faith to imbibe the teaching of love that the Christmas signifies.

Tinubu who made this call in his Christmas message urged Christians to reflect on the lessons of peace, truth, kindness and compassion that described the life and teachings of Jesus.

He said, “As we mark this day, let us do so in a way that comports with the spirit of Jesus. Our economy is growing and distributing prosperity and a good livelihood to many. Yet, among us are also those in want. Our nation is strengthening making communities more secure. Yet, among us are those still weak and put upon. Our nation is reforming in ways that give new opportunities to our people.

Yet, among us are still those who have been forgotten and feel left behind.

“In the spirit of this day, we must extend ourselves to those who are poor, weak, and feel left behind so that they may not lose hope on this day of eternal hope.

“May the ways and teachings of Jesus guide us to make for a better Nigeria. May we celebrate this day by showing love for our brother as well as extending compassion to a needing stranger. In this way, we best honour and respect this day.”



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