Crazy! Meet Football fan who hitchhiked from Capetown to Cairo for AFCON 2019

Alvin Zhakata, A Zimbabwean nurse travelled from Cape Town to Cairo by road enduring visa delays, internet blackouts and revolutionary protests all for the love of football.

Zhakata, 32, arrived in the Egyptian capital last week, completing his 44-day 10,000km (6,200-mile) trip, he said it was well worth it despite some nerve-wracking experiences.

His adventure got him fame, as his daring trip was followed online by Twitter users – leading to CAF’s presenting him with a ticket to this Friday’s final between Algeria and Senegal, as well as a plane ticket home.

Zhakata noted that his trip has helped him discovered a lot of things about Africa and himself, he however observed that the African countries are not friendly to Africans, with regards to his experience on Visas and borders.

According to him, ” Most people visiting from Europe or the US were treated better, And some of the visa fees for African countries, they are actually more expensive than visa fees when you want to go to Europe – and the waiting period takes too long.

He added, “I believe we need a borderless Africa.”

Zhakata notedt his achievement – which has become one of the biggest stories of this Africa Cup of Nations tournament – shows it pays to “dare to dream”.

He said “If you have a passion for something, go for it. Pursue it until you get it. It may be delayed, but delay is not denial – be patient and be strong, because the harder the battle, the sweeter the victory,”.

He however was disappointed at the performance of the Zimbabwean Warriors, who crashed out in the first round – amidst rows over pay.

His journey began on 27 May on a route passing through South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt.



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