Covid-19: Japanese pub sprays customers with disinfectant

A pub in Japan has adopted spraying customers with disinfectant before getting access in a bid to contain the spread of coronavirus.

Patrons of the Kichiri Shinjuku, a traditional Japanese-style pub known as an “izakaya,” are sprayed with the disinfecting mist at the entrance, Mirror of UK reports.

Spokeswoman Rieko Matsunaga said: “We want customers to feel safe when they come inside.

“This is geared to promote social distancing and prevent infections.”

As customers arrive to the pub they are greeted by a hostess on a screen, who advises them they must wash their hands.

They then have their temperature taken with a thermometer before walking through an airport-style security scanner where they are sprayed for 30 seconds.

The pub is owned by Kichiro & Co, which has 103 locations across Japan.

Matsunaga told CNN, “We set it up to abide by new lifestyle guidelines.

“We’d like to spread this technology and collaborate with other restaurants.”

However, despite their new entrance policy, the World Health Organisation (WHO) strongly advises against using any form of spray disinfectant on a person.

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