Couple get married in jeans and T-shirts to show weddings don’t have to be expensive

A British couple decided to wear T-shirts and jeans to tie the nupital bond in a bid to demonstrate that weddings do not have to be expensive.

Rebecca Maxwell, 26, and Glen Maxwell, 30, wore jeans, personalised ‘bride’ and ‘groom’ T-shirts and trainers for both their ceremony and reception.

They shared photos to show weddings don’t need to cost loads of money to be magical.

Rebecca and Glen got engaged back in August 2016, and quickly started planning a massive white wedding. The more they planned, the more they realised a posh wedding just wasn’t right for them. Totting up the costs of the occasion only caused the couple stress and they were fed up of agonising over a budget instead of being excited about the romance.

One evening Glen told Rebecca: ‘We could get married in jeans and T-shirts and I’d still love you.’ The couple saved thousands by scaling down their big day. They chose to take that idea to its natural conclusion and have a casual wedding that was all about their relationship, not spending loads of money.

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