Coronavirus will bankrupt more people than it kills — Economic expert

An Economic Development Specialist has expressed fears that the coronavirus pandemic poses a greater economic risk than its health risk.

Omar Hassan, founder UK: Mena Hub wrote in Independent UK that the world may look back on coronavirus as the moment when the threads that hold the global economy together came unstuck.

This comes after the World Health Organization declared the disease a pandemic after it has killed 4,389 worldwide.

He wrote, “Worldwide, Covid-19 has killed 4,389 with 31 US deaths as of today. But it will economically cripple millions, especially since the epidemic has formed a perfect storm with stock market crashes, an oil war between Russia and Saudi Arabia, and the spilling over of an actual war in Syria into another potential migrant crisis.

“Just as important as fighting the virus — if not more important — is vaccinating our economies against the incoming pandemic of panic.

Human suffering can come in the form of illness and death. But it can also be experienced as not being able to pay the bills or losing your home.

“All this makes it even more worrying that governments continue to see this as a health crisis, not an economic one. It is time the economists took over from the doctors, before the real pandemic spreads.”

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