Coronavirus: UK youngest MP vows to donate part-time salary


As the coronavirus pandemic ravages the United Kingdom, people are beginning to embark upon humanitarian gestures to contain the spread.

One of such persons is Nottingham East MP Nadia Whittome, who returned to her pre-Parliament job as a care worker and vowed to help deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

She vowed to donate the salary from her part-time role at a retirement village to a local Covid-19 support fund.

The 23-year-old Labour politician said she was doing it because “the care system is in serious danger of falling apart” during the outbreak.
“Social care is in absolute crisis.

“I’m worried it is going to mean that the social care system is going to fall apart at the seams – so I’m pitching in.”

She also called for an “emergency” universal basic income and mass testing.

She will be working in personal care – making people food, feeding them and administering medication, once retrained.

She previously worked there for just under two years from the age of 19.

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