Boris Johnson’s father proud to join protesters labelled ‘uncooperative crusty’ by son

British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson’s father Stanley Johnson has reacted to being labelled an “uncooperative crusty” as he joined Extinction Rebellion activitists by his son, saying it was a tremendous compliment.

Mr Johnson Snr made his remark at an XR event in Trafalgar Square in front of a substantial crowd, days after the Prime Minister described the activists as “uncooperative crusties” and told them to abandon their “hemp-smelling bivouacs” and stop blocking London streets.

He said: “I’m showing up here because I think what they [Extinction Rebellion] are doing is extremely important. From tiny acorns, big movements spring.

“We have been moving far too slowly on the climate change issue.

“I regard it as a tremendous compliment to be called an uncooperative crusty, that was a remark made in humour.”

When questioned whether the protests had affected the Johnson family, Mr Johnson Snr said that they remained “totally united”.



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