Coronavirus: UK records world’s youngest victim as newborn tests positive


An English newborn baby has been confirmed to have Coronavirus in the United Kingdom, as he is considered to be the world’s youngest victim.

Health professionals are presently working to find out whether the infant could have contracted the virus in the womb
The baby born in England is reportedly being treated at a hospital in London.

The child’s mother had been rushed to a hospital in the capital days earlier with suspected pneumonia, reports the Sun.

The mum was tested at North Middlesex Hospital but her positive result is said to have only emerged after she gave birth.

The baby was tested minutes after arrival and the pair are now being treated at different hospitals, according to the newspaper.

The latest case comes as the UK’s coronavirus death toll grew to 11 today.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister, Mr Boris Johnson on Friday warned many more families should brace to lose loved ones.

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