Cocaine addiction gave me unusual sex habit —British singer Elton John

English singer, songwriter, pianist, and composer, Sir Elton John, has described how his addiction to cocaine led to his developing “unusual” sex habit.

Elton also revealed that he once attempted suicide by swallowing 12 tablets of Valium before going to bed.

Though he has come off drug addiction for 29 years, he recalled that his aggressive drug use was responsible for his “unusual sex habit.”

72-year-old Elton recalled that he lost his virginity at age 23 to his manager, John Reid. And he has variously been heterosexual, voyeuristic, bisexual, and now openly gay.

In his autobiography titled Me, Elton reveals the nitty gritty details of his sex life and years-long battle with cocaine, according to RadarOnline, which reviewed his memoir scheduled for release on Tuesday, October 15.

The friend of British Royalty admitted to having an aggressive addiction to cocaine and how he came off the drug before it was too late.

Referring to cocaine as “white lady” in his memoir, he shared a goodbye letter he wrote to her in 1990 when he was admitted at the Lutheran Hospital in Park Ridge, Illinois, Chicago in the USA.

He confessed in the autobiography that, while he would fall “hopelessly in love” with men inside of gay bars, he also found himself falling for “straight men all the time.”

Perhaps one of the singer’s most shocking admissions in the memoir was about how his cocaine use brought out an unusual sex habit:

Instead of joining in on sexual intercourse, he preferred to watch — a condition psychologists referred to as voyeurism.

“That was where my sexual pleasure came from — getting a bunch of people who wouldn’t normally have sex with each other, to have sex with each other,” the singer confessed.

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