Man, 34, Recreates Mini Mediterranean Resort In His Garden After Failed Trip to Spain

A 34-year-old man who had his dream trip to Spain cancelled because of the Coronavirus pandemic outbreak finished building a mini Mediterranean paradise in his own back garden.

Guy Young was gutted when he could not make his trip to Alicante, Spain, he however decided to recreate the holiday experience at home.

The garden features a 12ft by 7ft by 5ft swimming pool Guy made using 38,000 blue mosaic tiles; a hot tub sheltered in a large wooden gazebo; a swing seat overlooking the pool; and a built-in BBQ and cocktail bar.

Guy, 34, due to his lack of experience in DIY prior to this, studied YouTube tutorials to help him build the holiday complex behind his two bed semi-detached house.

The optician saved a sum of £6,500 ($3,700) from working on the project himself, instead of hiring professional help.

Guy, from Nuneaton, Warwickshire, started building two years ago but found time to finish the project during lockdown. He also had help from friends Luke Ridgeway and Ian Murphy – who came over when restrictions eased.

He said: “When the sun is out it definitely feels like I’m on holiday in Spain, especially when I’m sat in the pool drinking a margarita.

“I have no previous building experience at all, it was all done by watching YouTube tutorials and by trial and error. I am really proud with what I have achieved but also very shocked I was able to do it.”

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