Chaotic scenes as MPs hold protest against Parliament shutdown

A group of MPs took a symbolic stance against Boris Johnson shutting down Parliament by staging a protest in the Commons.

In chaotic scenes in the Commons, several politicians holding signs which read “silenced” gathered around Speaker John Bercow’s chair shortly before he stood to give his speech on the suspension.

Mr Bercow was expected to lead the MPs to the Lords for the proroguing ceremony in the early hours of Tuesday, but a number of MPs appeared to surge towards him.

Among MPs involved in the demonstration was Labour MPs Clive Lewis and Lloyd Russell-Moyle, who appeared to try and hold on to Mr Bercow when the Speaker was requested to lead MPs to the Lords, with doorkeepers intervening.

The unprecedented scenes came after Boris Johnson suffered his sixth defeat in the Commons as his motion to call an early general election failed for the second time to secure the two-thirds majority needed.

Mr Johnson said Jeremy Corbyn had become the first leader of the opposition in the country’s history to “show his confidence” in the Government “by declining the opportunity to have an election with a view to removing the Government”.

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