Canadians would support Prince Harry as governor general

The Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry would receive the backing of Canadians if he expresses interest in becoming the country’s next governor-general, according to a poll published Friday as his wife, Meghan, returned to Canada.

The National post reported that sixty-one percent of the Canadians polled said they would support having Harry replace current governor-general, Julie Payette, when her term expires.

The governor-general is Queen Elizabeth II’s representative in the former British colony, a member of the Commonwealth.

This comes after the royal couple announced its decision to quit their frontline duties.

The favorable poll came despite Harry never having expressed any interest in the post, which has been held by Canadians since the 1950s but was previously held by Britons.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex spent an extended Christmas holiday in Canada with their son before returning to break the news this week that they would “step back” their royal roles.

Meghan, a former actress, lived in Toronto when she appeared in the television series “Suits.”

The National Post poll of 1,515 Canadians was conducted on Monday by Dart and Maru/Blue Voice Canada and has a margin of error of plus or minus 2.9 percentage points.



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