Britain’s worst rapist caught when rugby player beat him so badly his brain bled

Britain’s worst rapist was caught when one of his victims woke up and beat him so badly he suffered a bleed on the brain.

Reynhard Sinaga, who has been jailed for life for 136 rapes, was molesting the 6ft rugby player when he came to and fought back.

The teenage victim had been lured back to Sinaga’s Manchester flat after being targeted by the predator when he lost his friends during a night out.

The rugby player said he lost consciousness after the rapist poured out shots of red and clear liquid. He woke up hours later to find Sinaga naked on top of him, prompting him to leap up and immediately push the predator away.

Sinaga started screaming ‘intruder’ and cried out for help as the pair fought each other, according to The Telegraph. The rugby player was bitten by Sinaga and punched him several times in response, leaving the rapist with a bleed on the brain.

He eventually escaped at around 5.51am and phoned the police, who originally arrested the teenager on suspicion of assault. According to The Sun, the victim told jurors: “I had to defend myself to get out of there,” while Sinaga, whose blood was smeared over his front door, was rushed to hospital with severe head injuries.

However, police soon realized who the actual criminal was when they searched the predator’s flat and found phones which contained footage of his sex attacks.

The teenage victim, whose actions brought an end to Sinaga’s years of abuse, was originally targeted by the rapist when he became separated from his friends at a nightclub as Sinaga told him he could stay at his flat while attempting to get in touch with his pals.



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