“Bring back Gordon”, Britons react to ex-PM positions amid coronavirus crisis

COVENTRY, ENGLAND - MAY 11: Former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown addresses Labour supporters at a rally in the Engineering Building of Coventry University on May 11, 2017 in Coventry, England. (Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images)

Former Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown has been praised for his positions on how the United Kingdom should tackle issues arising from the coronavirus pandemic.

Britons commended his “calming” influence during the coronavirus crisis with some even calling for him to move back in to Number 10.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Mr Brown, who was prime minister during the 2008 financial crash, urged the government to do “considerably more” to protect people’s jobs by the weekend.

He added that Prime Minister Boris Johnson must detail his plans for vulnerable workers who are being told to stay home.

“If he tells people to go home and stay at home, he’s got to tell them how they’re going to survive financially,” he said.

Mr Brown said the measures aimed at slowing the spread of coronavirus, particularly in London, were necessary but called for all the country’s resources to be used.

Labour MP Luke Pollard wrote: “I hope everyone in the cabinet listened to Gordon Brown on the Today Programme this morning. His experience and ideas are needed now. Let’s use expertise wherever it comes from.

Journalist Peter Geoghegen added: “Gordon Brown is very impressive on Today on @BBCRadio4 right now. Detailed proposals for how to help workers now and to protect global economy, not just institutions. Calm, authoritative. Britain needs this.”

Alastair Campbell, former Labour spin doctor, tweeted: “Gordon Brown in a different league to most of the leaders and ministers we have seen and heard in recent weeks. Hope they are listening.”

Others called for him to come back as Prime Minister, with publicity director Jess Gulliver writing: “Wish he was in charge. Clever, calm, considerate.”

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