“Bobrisky, Others, Need Counselling” – NMA Chairman

The Chairman, Nigeria Medical Association, Abuja Chapter, Dr Ekpe Phillips, has said recommended psychological counseling for people who are males but have a feeling they are females.

The doctor who is also the medical director for Nyanya General Hospital, made this recommendation during an interview with The Punch in Abuja on Tuesday.

According to the doctor, males such as Idris Okuneye a.ka. Bobrisky need psychological counseling. He said “Nature has already identified who is who and you cannot now choose to be who you are. It is only when you are born a hermaphrodite that you can now chose the one you wish to be.”

The Federal Government received a report on Bobrisky, allegedly caused a stir at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport in Abuja when he used a female toilet.

However, Dr Phillips said constructing separate toilet facilities for people in the same category as Bobrisky would be a wise decision.

“They have to create another toilet or another place for those who were born men and decided to say they are women and those who were born women and decided to be men. These are people that can function in that type of life”, he added.



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