Blind black student dragged out of Oxford University debating chamber by the ankles

• Hundreds sign petition calling for union president to resign

One of the most prestigious debating societies in the UK has come under fire after a blind black student was reportedly “dragged by his ankles” out of an event in Oxford.

The incident, which was caught on video, is said to have left Ebenezer Azamati, a PhD student from Ghana, feeling “unwelcome” in Britain.

The 25-year-old, who is studying international relations, arrived early to attend a debate to reserve a seat as he was worried there would be no special provisions for disabled students.

When he returned for the debate after dinner, Mr Azamati was denied entry but he attempted to sit down on his reserved seat. Security officials then entered and manhandled him out of the building.

The Sunday Times reported that Brendan McGrath, president of the Oxford Union, subsequently called a disciplinary committee meeting, alleging that Mr Azamati had behaved violently during the incident.

The Oxford University Africa Society (OUAS) has described the incident as “violent, unjust, inhumane and shameful” – and have launched a petition, signed by hundreds, calling for Mr MrGrath to resign.

It is understood that on Saturday the Oxford Union and Mr McGrath formally withdrew the charge of violent misconduct against Mr Azamati and apologised “unreservedly” for the distress caused.

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