Anti-Brexit activists to storm Westminster for protest Boris Johnson’s prorogue requests

Following British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson’s request to the queen to suspend the parliament, Anti-Brexit activists have gathered for emergency protest in Westminster.

Crowds demonstrated well into the night in Parliament Square on Wednesday, hours after the Queen approved the Prime Minister’s prorogation requests.

Oppositions view the move by Johnson was seen as a move to shut debates on Brexit, organisers of the protests said on Facebook: “Boris Johnson is trying to shut down our democracy to deliver on his Brexit agenda.

The Commons will now be closed from the second week of September until October 14, when there will be a Queen’s Speech to open a new session of Parliament.

The move from the PM has sparked outrage and opposition leaders have written to the monarch in protest.

While Commons Speaker John Bercow said the move was a “constitutional outrage” designed to stop Parliament debating Brexit.

The Prime Minister called it “completely untrue” to suggest that Brexit was the reason for his decision.

He has insisted he needs a Queen’s Speech to set out a “very exciting agenda” of domestic policy.

“There will be ample time on both sides of that crucial October 17 summit, ample time in Parliament for MPs to debate the EU, to debate Brexit, and all the other issues,” Mr Johnson said

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