American woman puts ‘coronavirus husband’s’ corpse on ice after emergency workers left him

A grieving American widow has narrated her ordeal, revealing how she was told to wait for up to three days for her husband’s body to be collected after he died from suspected coronavirus.

Tami Treadwell, from Harlem in New York, says she was forced to put her husband Gregory on ice after he passed away in their home.

The 57-year-old claims emergency workers left him after performing CPR, forcing her to desperately search for someone to retrieve the corpse.

As the city of New York has become a hotspot for Covid-19 in the US, morgues and funeral homes have been overwhelmed by the surge in demand for their services.

Mrs Treadwell, a seafood truck owner, described her treatment as “grossly inhumane”.

She says her family called more than 20 funeral homes before one in Englewood, New Jersey agreed to collect the father-of-four’s body.

The US now has the highest number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the world.

Its total has now reached 738,830, and 39,014 people have lost their lives.

New York state alone now has more coronavirus cases than any other country outside the US, with 241,041.

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