Abandoned newborn baby found in Dolphin Estate, Lagos

Some residents of Dolphin Estate in Lagos was stunned to find an alleged week old baby in a shawl abandoned by her mother within the estate’s environs.

The baby of a yet-to-be identified mother thought was found whining for breast milk on Monday by some concerned residents.

PUNCH reported that alerted the police and the baby was taken to the Family Support Unit of the Adeniji Adele Police Division.

One of the resident, who identified herself only as Deborah, told Sunday PUNCH that she was shocked when she saw the baby girl.

She said, “It was like I was watching a movie. Why would a mother just dump a newborn like that? It was a neighbour who alerted me. By the time I got to the spot, a crowd had gathered. The girl was crying and was obviously hungry. She was pretty and in a good condition.

We called the police and the girl was taken to their custody.”

Another resident, who claimed to have followed the girl to the police station, said she was given water before her cry subsided.

“I was really pained. The police woman we met there said they would contact the state government so she could be taken to an orphanage for proper care.

“She is a beautiful baby. It was a Good Samaritan who found her early Monday morning. She (the mother) should have spared the innocent girl this suffering from the outset when she knew she was not ready for motherhood,” the resident, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said.

The Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Bala Elkana, said the baby had been taken to the protective custody by the state government.

He said, “The baby is about one week old. She was first taken to a hospital for medical attention and thereafter kept in an orphanage on the directive of the Ministry of Youth and Social Development which the police are working closely with.”



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