World first: British lesbian couple welcome first baby to be carried in womb by both partners

A British lesbian couple has set a trend after they became the first to give birth to a baby that was carried in both their wombs.

One of the partners, Jasmine Smith-Francis, 28, delivered their son through IVF after he was first incubated by her wife, Donna, 30, via a landmark shared motherhood procedure.

The treatment is offered by the London Women’s Clinic, and involves one parent contributing and incubating the eggs, while the other parent carries the foetus to term.

Partner Donna Francis-Smith told The Daily Telegraph that she and her partner were both massively involved in the baby delivery.

Her words, “You get a lot of same-sex couples where one person is doing the whole thing, and the one person is getting pregnant and giving birth, whereas with this we’re both involved in a massive way.

“We’re a close couple anyway but we both have a special bond with Otis as well which was helped by the way we’ve done it.”

The pair met through online dating, and were marries in April of last year.

They welcomed baby Otis into the world on September 30th in Colchester Essex, where the couple live.

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