Woman to break up with 5 years boyfriend over extreme views

A terrified American woman has been left questioning her five-year relationship after her boyfriend told her that “women should not be allowed to vote”.

Sharing her dilemma on Reddit’s relationship advice column, the American woman revealed that her boyfriend has always been interested in politics but it had “never been an issue” for them.

The woman is seriously considering breaking up with her long-term boyfriend who has decided to keep his extreme opinions to himself for a while out of fear he would be broken up with.

She explained, “However, he just admitted to me that over the past year he’s grown more and more extreme in his views, to the point that he believes women have ruined the country (we are American) and that they should not be allowed to vote.”

However, their discussion has led his girlfriend to question whether she should end the relationship – despite the fact that he has been a “perfect, amazing partner” up until now.

She continued, “I’m upset and I can’t tell if I’m wrong to be upset about about this because I know that everyone is entitled to have their own views, but I know just feel as though he doesn’t even value my input.”

She shared her dilemma on the internet, receiving over 7,800 comments on Reddit, the woman then returned to the forum to tell users that she was planning to confront him with their feedback saying, “Even if my opinion isn’t valid to him, at least it’s valid to all of you!”

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