Woman claims her Vagina perfume enchants her admirers

A woman has revealed how applying fluids from her vagina as a perfume when prepping for big nights out has made men flock around her and boosted her sexual confidence.

Shan Boodram has claimed that she uses her “vaginal fluids” as her signature scent when she goes out on the town and it acts like a “love potion”, causing those attracted to women to “flock” towards her.

The Sexologist has written all about it in her new book, The Game of Desire, and shared an excerpt about the bizarre trick with Refinery 29.

In the excerpt, she explains why she covers herself in her own bodily fluids. She explains: “Vaginal fluids, especially around ovulation, but really any time you want to feel an extra boost of confidence, can serve as a love potion.

“Here’s why: I’m often asked to confirm or deny the myth that eating an excessive amount of pineapple will make someone taste better during oral sex. My response is, if you think it makes you taste better then it absolutely works.

“Similarly, regardless of if vaginal pheromones truly make a person irresistible or not, the fact that you think it does, will cause you to act in a bolder, more confident manner.”

She goes on to teach people how – and where – to apply their own natural scent to themselves.

The first step is to wash your hands and then move your finger around in your vaginal opening. The goal she says, is “to get a new sample from the Bartholin’s glands, which are the size of a pea but play a large role in vaginal lubrication”.

She continues to say that once you’ve got a good amount of wetness, you can go ahead and rub it on your neck, collarbone and wrists. Apparently this will make you smell pretty good to potential partners – unless you’ve got bacterial vaginosis, in which case you won’t be smelling so hot.



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