Virginia elects woman sacked for poking middle finger at President Trump

A woman sacked in 2017 for raising her middle finger at US President Donald Trump’s entourage has been elected to local office in Virginia.

Juli Briskman’s hand gesture went viral in 2017, leading to her losing a job with a government contractor.

The single mother won more than 52% of the vote to be elected district representative in Loudoun county.

Ms Briskman had used an image of herself cycling and “flipping off” President Trump’s motorcade as it passed her as her DP in 2017, the picture was widely spread across the internet.

Her employer, Akima LLC, said the image was “lewd” and “obscene” and fired her for violating its social media policies, she told the Huffington Post.

Ms Briskman had reportedly been working as a marketing analyst for the government contractor for six months, but said she didn’t regret making the gesture.

told AFP she ran on a platform prioritising education, woman’s rights and environmental issues.
She added her campaign showed she was more than “just the person that rode my bike one day and flipped off the president”.

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