UK warns Nigerians of possible restrictions on student, work visas

To address what it called an abuse thethe of policy by Nigerians, the British Government has threatened to tighten its student and work visa conditions.

The government is considering this measure amidst worries over the number of relatives Nigerian immigrants bring to the United Kingdom (UK) after securing student and work visas.

According to the UK Home Office data, the number of relatives brought in by Nigerians is almost at par with the percentage of student and work visas issued to the African country.

Nigerians secured about 34,000 study visas to the UK and they eventually brought 31,898 dependents.

The same applied to work visas, as 8,576 relatives went to the UK to join 8,972 Nigerian immigrants that were issued work visas, the research by the UK government showed.

This high number doesn’t sit well with the UK government, as it was gathered that 40 percent of relatives that accompanied foreign students between June last year and June 2022 were Nigerians.

As a result, the UK government is considering tightening visa rules, according to UK Home Secretary Suella Braverman.



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