UK Prime Minister to move in with partner.

It has been confirmed that UK PM, Boris Johnson’s girlfriend Carrie Symonds, 31, will live with him in Downing Street.

“The PM is officially moving in today and, yes, his partner will be living there,” a spokeswoman for the prime minister said on Monday.

She added that there “won’t be any additional cost to the taxpayer” from Ms Symonds living there.

This coming after both former Prime Minister, Mrs Theresa May and former chancellor Philip Hammond left their flats as the handover to Mr Johnson’s new administration took place.

Despite speculation that Mr Johnson may need new furniture to be paid for by the state, the spokeswoman said “there’s no cost to the taxpayer”.

Mr Johnson and Ms Symonds who has been dating for 18 months, will be the first unmarried couple to officially live in Downing Street.

They previously lived together at Ms Symonds’s flat in Camberwell, south London.



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