UK: Dogs lifespan shortened by too many treat


Latest research figures from the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA) PAW Report estimates that 46 per cent of dogs are clinically obese with worryingly, only 15 per cent of owners describing their animal as overweight.

Pet Vet, Sean McCormack believes that although giving treats to reward good behaviour is important, we should do so in moderation.

Like humans, if pets overindulge, they will also pile on the pounds. He said, “We all love our pets, but if everyone in the household is giving a biscuit or treat under the dinner table daily, you could be harming them in the long-term.”

The Association For Pet Obesity Prevention is working to help owners keep them healthy as overweight dogs are at risk of diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure and respiratory issues.

Founder, Dr Ernie Ward said, “Our goal is to help pet parents identify weight gain at the earliest possible age, recommend evidence-based interventions, enhance well-being and extend longevity.”

Sean adds, “There are many ways to get your pet back on track, and your local vet will always be happy to support their weight-loss journey.

“Getting your pet’s weight back under control, sometimes by having a regular weigh-in to monitor things, will ensure a longer, happier and healthier life. So it’s worth making that first step today.

“I urge people to follow these points in order to keep their pet a healthy weight. Get the whole family involved by creating a feeding chart so everybody will know when your dog has been fed,” he said.

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