UK: Boris Johnson tests negative for Covid-19

British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has tested negative for coronavirus, but he is required to complete 14 days self-isolation after coming in contact with an infected person.

Johnson’s office said the prime minister was tested using a lateral flow test – a quick test that doesn’t need to be processed in a lab.

The tests are not widely available in the UK, but the government said staff in the prime minister’s office could get them as part of a pilot project.

There had been fears that Mr Johnson could be reinfected with the virus and was told to self-isolate on Sunday after a lawmaker with whom he had met three days earlier tested positive for coronavirus.

The prime minister said he has no symptoms and will continue to lead the government, holding meetings using videoconferencing.

Government rules say people in close contact with an infected person must quarantine for two weeks.

Johnson was seriously ill with coronavirus in April, spending three nights in intensive care.

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