Tyson Fury slams Anthony Joshua over BLM speech

Heavyweight boxer, Tyson Fury has criticized Anthony Joshua’s speech at the Black Lives Matter protests, claiming he would have been ‘crucified’ for making similar comments.

Joshua, the IBF, WBA, WBO and IBO world heavyweight champion, has come underfire after addressing protesters in his hometown of Watford earlier this month.

In part of his speech, which came in the wake of George Floyd’s shocking death at the hands of a police officer in the United States, Joshua said: ‘Show them where it hurts.

‘Abstain from spending your money in their shops and economies, and invest in black-owned businesses.’

The speech was written by Joshua’s friend, Reece Campbell, who he said was unable to attend the gathering.

Fury reacting to the statement, claimed he would not have got away with saying something along the same lines.

‘I’m sure AJ has got his reasons why he said what he said, and its concern is none of my business what he said,’ Fury told Behind the Gloves. ‘That’s his own opinion and everyone to their opinion.

‘Whatever his reasons were, he’s done it and it’s in the past so it’s moved on. I’m sure he’s apologised if he’s offended anybody – oh he actually didn’t, did he! He actually said if you didn’t like what I said, go f*** yourself. So no apology necessary.

‘Let’s just say, I’m not pushing knives in or pushing anybody when they’re down but if it had been me who said it, “Don’t shop in any black-owned stores or any Asian owned stores” or anything, or don’t buy from their businesses, then I’d have been crucified like Jesus Christ. I’ll just say that.’

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