Taxify driver awaiting youth service loses sight to robbers

Tomi Waziri, 27, a graduate of Physics from the Kogi State University, has lost his eyesight to an armed robbery attack while in traffic in the Apongbon area of Lagos.

Waziri, who was waiting for his call up letter from the National Youth Service Corps for the mandatory one year service, was said to have approached his sister’s husband to engage him as a Taxify ride hailing service driver until he would be mobilised for the scheme.

He was said to be conveying a female passenger to the Papa Ajao area of Mushin on September 12, around 8.00 p.m., when two robbers attacked him in traffic and shot him in the face.

They were said to have left immediately they shot him.

Waziri noted that the doctors at the Eye Foundation, Isaac John Street, Ikeja GRA, told him that if he had been treated earlier, he would have regained sight in his right eye.

He also said that his nose was treated at LASUTH, adding that there were still pellets in his face and two teeth, as there were pellets logged in the gum.

He said the doctors told him that if he wanted to get permanent treatment for his damaged teeth, he would have to pay N350,000 for each.

Concerning the pellets in his face, he said the doctors advised him that any attempt to remove them would result in more damage, adding that his body would expel them naturally.



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