Size Matters: My boyfriend is not well endowed and I am never satisfied — it’s a torture

DEAR DEIDRE: MY boyfriend is head over heels for me and I am for him, but the sex isn’t that great.

I’m 23 and he’s 30. He’s been married and he’s only had two relationships – with his ex-wife and then me.

Our sexual relationship was built on a genuine connection. If I called asking if I could see him he’d be at my door within minutes. The issue is this, he’s not very well endowed and sometimes I can’t feel a thing.

Some days he finishes and I am left feeling frustrated. I can’t feel truly satisfied and it’s torture.

The worse thing is that he’s starting to realise how I feel and he’s scared I’m going to leave him over it.

I’m trying to hang in there but it’s difficult because sex is so important to me. I do love him so much, I hope you can give us a solution.

DEIDRE SAYS: Size truly isn’t crucial but it is important that your lover has good techniques.

The majority of women don’t orgasm purely with sexual intercourse. If he uses his hands to touch the right areas then, coupled with penetration, it can be mind-blowing for the pair of you.

The key is for him to work on foreplay for as long as possible and for you only to have sex when you both feel really aroused and ready.

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