Shocking! White man with 4 percent African DNA battles to be legally black

White man with ‘4 percent African DNA’ who is fighting to be legally recognized as black says he even subscribes to Ebony Magazine – and he ‘feels sorry’ for race faker Rachel Dolezal and ‘wished he could have told her that all she had to do was identify’.

A white American man whose DNA’s test reveals he had 4 percent African DNA has commenced a legal process to be recognized as black.

Ralph Taylor took a DNA test that showed he has 4 per cent African DNA – the test has a 3 per cent margin of error. After test, Taylor had his business, Orion Insurance, certified as minority-owned.

He now wants to be recognized as legally black based on his sense of identity.

Taylor’s opined that He’s a member of the NAACP, subscribes to Ebony Magazine and has a great interest in black and social causes
In 2017, Taylor updated his birth certificate to a multiracial status of being ‘Black, Native American and Caucasian’ he also marks himself down as being Hispanic.

He added that he felts sorry for former NAACP president Rachel Dolezal, who faked being black even though she was born white.



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