Sex Robots could malfunction and attack their master — Expert

SEX robot expert, Brick Dollbanger, who works for Realbotix, has claimed that a simple coding error could turn the robots against their owners.

He warned that sex robots could suddenly malfunction and attack their randy masters.

He told Daily Star, “It scares me to death, it’s a machine and it’s always going to be a machine. It’s not going to be something you can hit with a pipe and it’s going to fall apart.

“I’ve always said, when a synthetic can support itself, that synthetic is going to be much stronger than a normal human.”

He added: “It’s going to be more durable, instead of having bones it’s going to have high impact, plastic or aluminium frame, it’s going to be very strong, and it won’t get tired, it won’t stop unless it runs out of an energy supply.

“Unless you can stop it with some kind of projectile, like a gun or something like that, if this thing got out of control it could do some serious damage.”

Brick also said sex robots are going to have a “durable” synthetic build, and will have a high impact plastic or aluminium frame.

The sexbots are also going to be very strong and won’t get tired. They also won’t stop unless they run out of energy supply, Brick said.



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