Senate passes committee’s report on NIPOST Bill

The Senate, after due consideration, has passed the conference committee report on the Nigeria Postal Services Act (Repeal and Re-enactment) Bill, 2022.

The bill was laid by the Deputy Senate Leader, Robert Ajayi Boroffice (Ondo North). Speaking at the plenary on Tuesday, Boroffice said the committee incorporated issues acceptable to the majority of stakeholders in the Nigerian Postal industry in the report.

He said, “The committee observed that the version passed by the House of Representatives included further amendments made on the version passed by the Senate which exhaustively incorporates issues that are acceptable to the majority of stakeholders in the Nigerian Postal industry.

“As part of the process of further engagement with the stakeholders, new facts and positions emerged and these have been fully articulated and incorporated in the version of the House of Representatives”.

He further explained that after extensive deliberations, the Conference Committee resolved and adopted the Senate Version in Clauses 3(3): 28(5): 35(1); and 36(1) while Clauses 8(1); 9(n); 10(1); 33(t); 68(2)(b); 72(1) and 75 of the House of Representatives’ version of the Bill were adopted.

Thereafter, the Senate approved the Conference Committee Report on the NIPOST bill, 2022.



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