Rising CO2 levels may hinder cognitive function by 50 percent in 2100, study says

Rational thought may eventually become a victim of climate change as rising CO2 levels may hinder cognitive function and could decrease decision-making efficiency by 50 precent in 2100, according to a new study.

Research presented by scientists at the annual American Geophysical Union and submitted to the journal GeoHealth suggests that increased CO2 may soon diminish humans’ capacity to think clearly.

The findings follow previous studies that show how indoor air pollution and poor ventilation can hinder people’s ability to perform mentally, including a study published last year from the University College London.

‘Human cognitive performance declines with an increase in CO2′, the researchers wrote in the paper. Direct impacts of CO2 emissions on human cognitive performance may be unavoidable.’

Those studies concluded that circulating air and regulating the amount of CO2 trapped in a room can help mitigate the effects of too much CO2, but new research suggests ventilation in a climate change-addled future might just make matters worse.

No current research has studied the kind of long-term exposure that will would result from rampant climate change.

As noted by researchers, however, all of the adverse effects of CO2 on mental performance can still be averted by making a concerted effort to lower emissions and stave off climate change



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