Political aspirants must show tax compliance proof – CITN President

The President and Chairman of Council, Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria, CITN, Mr. Adesina Adedayo, says the issue of tax should be a critical factor to consider when politicians are contesting for an elective office.

Adedayo insisted that the aspirants be questioned about their tax compliance and also show proof of paying the accurate amount.

Speaking on tax compliance for politicians, the CITN president said, “Talking strictly about the position that was held when I was in the National Tax Policy Review Committee. It is on record and it was endorsed by the Federal Executive Council in February 2017.

“Part of the recommendation was that the issue of tax should be a critical factor to consider when you are looking for an elective office. Elective office means we are asking you to go and represent us, either in the form of presidency or as governor, or as a legislator.

“You are there based on the fact that we asked you to go. Now, the next question should be, what are you contributing to the common purse as a person? If you do not believe in tax compliance, how can you go there and ask people to do tax compliance? How can you go there and say that people are not paying taxes? The question is, how much of it are you paying yourself? Are you paying the right amount of taxes? Do you believe in tax payment itself? Those are questions we believe are important on moral grounds before we even talk about the legality of it.”

Speaking further, Adedayo said, “tax is a critical part of what must be a necessity for anybody who wants to aspire to the highest office. Whether it is even at counselor level or presidential; it is a necessity.”



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