Police nabs man who disguises as prostitute to steal

The Police has arrested a 29-year-old man, Victor Monday,for regularly disguising as a prostitute to defraud men.

Monday was arrested by a police team from the Mushin Police Station around 12am on Ogunmokun Street while he was in female costume waiting for “a client” by the roadside.

He was initially apprehended for staying late outside without giving any genuine reason.

City Round learnt that it was not immediately known to the policemen that Monday, who adopted the name Joy to perpetrate the crime, is not a female.

The Police told journalists, “His mode of operation was to go to clubs at night and look for men he would spend the night with while disguising like a woman. He would dance around to attract men to himself. Whoever is interested in spending the night with him would approach him.

“He would collect some money from his unsuspecting victim as part payment for his service and have fun on his bill. While they were drinking and wining, he would tell the man that he wanted to urinate and use that opportunity to run away. He said he made between N7,000 and N10,000 per night,”

In his statement, the suspect, who hails from Rivers State, said he was a stylist before he went into the crime in 2018. He said he was once arrested by the police for the same offence but his church members assisted in securing his bail.



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