Meet Britain’s most glamourous granny regularly mistaken for daughter’s twin

A 38-yeara old granny has been dubbed Britain’s most glamourous granny for being regularly mistaken for her daughter’s twin sister.

Rachel Harris, 38, and 20-year-old Courtney — who had son, Milo, six weeks ago — are often stopped by strangers shocked at the similarities.

Rachel told The Sun: “We first noticed the attention when Courtney was 16 and people were asking if we were sisters.

“Now we can’t go anywhere without random members of the public stopping us in supermarkets, on nights out, even at doctors’ appointments.

“Now baby Milo is here, the attention has escalated. People in the street are in a state of shock.”

Not surprisingly, Rachel even has a boyfriend who at 27 is four years younger than Courtney’s fella Josh, 31.



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