No-deal Brexit plan: British govt to allow EU Nationals stay for three years

British Government has announced that a temporary Leave to Remain scheme would be initiated to replace the free movement for EU nationals in the United Kingdom if it pulls the No-deal Brexit through.

This would allow EU nationals who arrive before the end of 2020 to stay until December 2023.

The government had hoped to completely end the free movement of EU nationals under a no-deal Brexit.

Announcing the new scheme, Home Secretary Priti Patel said the “tougher checks and ending free movement as it currently stands” will help the UK in “taking back control of our borders”.

“In the future, we will introduce a new points-based immigration system built around the skills and talent people have – not where they are from,” she added.

However, it emerged at the weekend that the plan had been dropped because the government could have been challenged in the courts.

Migration experts had said the UK could not end freedom of movement from the EU on Brexit day because it has no system to work out who is legally in the country.



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